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Matthew Kilty


As Trinity’s President, Matt takes an active role in the management and development of Trinity’s project-management staff. His years of experience building high-end restaurants and retail stores combined with his impressive knowledge of building methods make him an invaluable resource; he advises project teams on purchasing long lead items and setting permitting milestones, and provides expert assistance in preconstruction planning of site logistics and scheduling. Matt’s reach extends far beyond project management; he is responsible for business development, developing company-wide policies, procedures, standards and training programs, and for the scheduling of construction operations staff. It is through this deep involvement in the day-to-day operations of the company that he ensures our projects are successful and that our project teams are doing what matters most – providing excellent client service.

Why I Enjoy Working at Trinity

“I love coming to work because I learn new things everyday; about the industry, about running a company, about our Clients and about myself. I have great respect for the people I work with both internally and externally and the commitment to both challenges me to deliver my best performance all the time. It isn’t easy but there’s a tremendous sense of accomplishment that comes along with the effort. I think ultimately the most rewarding aspect of working at Trinity has been the relationships I’ve developed.”

Matthew Kilty
Why Prospective Clients Should Choose Trinity

“Commitment; we are fully committed to our Client’s success before, during and beyond an individual project.”